Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. and each Company of the Fujikyu Group (hereafter referred to as "the Company") declare that, in regard to the personal information of the Company's customers, business relations, et cetera, used by the Company in the course of business, the Company shall comply with all laws and norms for the protection of personal information, establish voluntary rules and a system in consideration of international trends, establish the following privacy policy, and maintain these practices.

  1. In order to execute this declaration, the Company shall establish a "Personal Information Standard," make this standard understood to the Company's employees (including regular employees, part time employees, and temporary employees) and other relevant parties, and improve and maintain these standards.
  2. In order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information, the Company shall establish an "Information Security Management Standard," and take appropriate security measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
  3. The Company shall handle received personal information lawfully and fairly and shall not obtain said information illegally. The Company shall receive consent from individuals regarding the purpose of use of their personal information or make the necessary information available on the Company's website.
  4. In the event the Company receives personal information indirectly, the Company shall verify with the relevant individual regarding whether or not the personal information was obtained properly, provide contractual compensation, and make available on the Company's website the necessary information regarding the purpose of use of personal information.
  5. The Company shall verify with the subject of any personal information (the individual to whom the personal information is in regard) the right of the Company to disclose, revise, stop the use of, or delete the personal information and shall act in accordance to all of the requests from any information subject without objection.
  6. In the event the Company shares personal information with a third party or stores personal information with a third party in order to commission work, the Company shall investigate the said third party, enter into any necessary agreement, and take necessary measures on other laws and ordinances.
  7. The following principles are prescribed for the specific collection and handling of personal information.


  • Only individuals who have been authorized for specific business shall be able to use personal information as long as necessary for the conduct of business within the scope of the purpose of collecting.


  • Providing personal information to a third party is prohibited by principle.
  • The Company shall not use personal information outside of the stated purpose of use, move personal information away from its location of normal use, or disclose personal information outside of the Company.
  • Company employees may not disclose personal information acquired in the course of one’s work to a third party or use it for any unauthorized purposes. Even after leaving the Company, necessary measures will be taken in the same matter.
  • Personal information including the following shall not be collected, used, or provided.
    1. Matters related to ideologies, beliefs, and religion.
    2. Matters such as race, ethnicity, family lineage, permanent domicile (excluding prefectural information), mental or physical disabilities, criminal record, or any other matter which may cause social discrimination.
    3. Matters related to worker rights, collective bargaining, or other matters concerning collective action.
    4. Matters related to participation in industrial action groups, exercising the right of petition, and other matters related to the exercise of political rights.
    5. Matters related to healthcare and sexual life. 

April 2005

Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd.