About Us


The Fujiyama Museum was built by Fuji Kyuko Co. Ltd. and the Horiuchi Koankai Foundation. Construction was completed in July, 2013. For the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Fuji Kyuko Co. Ltd., a collection of Mt. Fuji paintings acquired by both foundations over the previous 40 years was put on display.

Mt. Fuji has been the subject of many artists' works since ancient times, with examples such as Mt. Fuji mountain worship and literature works such as "The Tale of Ise" (Ise Monogatari in Japanese). the lone, towering, severe yet graceful silhouette and the expression rich with subtle changes has definitely simulated the creative spark of artists in all ages.

From such works, Fujiyama Museum made a collection of masterpieces striving to capture Mt. Fuji from the original perspective of modern and contemporary artists. A variety of angles on Mt. Fuji looking through the artsists' eyes will be on display.

Through art work displays and educational activities, we strive to communicate the rich natural beauty of Mt. Fuji as Japan's natural asset and deliver the message to a world that must continue to protect that asset. We would be honored if many people who love Mt. Fuji gather and extend their frindship to the Fujiyama Museum as a place that offers intimate experiences with nature and art.


This two-story building offers original construction with an atrium that overlooks the entire museum and a sloping gallery that allows visitors to enjoy the works in a circular fashion. In the southwestern corner of the gallery, where once a wall stood, a window has suddenly opened up, allowing visitors to stand face to face with Mt. Fuji of today.

The atrium ceiling employs a three-layer special glass which was designed to allow natural light to enter without admitting elements that adversely affect paintings, such as ultraviolet light. This provides an opportunity to enjoy the many beautiful works in a bright enviroment.

Building Area: Approximately 2,000m²
Floor Space: Approximately 2,500m²

Designer: Tadasu Ohe

President of Plantec Architects, Inc.
Receiced awards include the Tatsuo Award, Tokyo Architecture Award and the Architecture Industry Association Award
Representative designed buildings include the Hosomi Museum, Ai-City, Eian, HKT Buildings, etc.